Is Technology in the Classroom Worth It?

Are Technology Initiatives in Schools Paying Off? | Education News.

The data is indeed thin and that should be corrected.  I believe that technology in the right hands can be a catalyst for student achievement.  However, a bad teacher with technology is still a bad teacher, so much of this depends on the person in the front of the room!

We need reliable data to support educational technology innovations and we need professional development for teachers so that we aren’t simply throwing money and technology at the problem without training our staff on how to make best use of the resources provided.



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4 responses to “Is Technology in the Classroom Worth It?

  1. My students at John Carroll receive a laptop when they enter freshmen year. I see this as a blessing and a curse. I’m able to blog with my students, surf great websites, watch videos…etc. However, they have been able to break through every firewall and access facebook, twitter, fantasy football, and other very non-academic websites. I find myself competing with their laptops and have the students place them under their desk most of the time 😦

  2. It’s a very real challenge to strike the perfect balance between engaging students with tech in an academic setting, and opening the floodgates to them for all kinds of “non-academic” sidebars. If there’s any certainty to the world of technology, it’s only that this is likely to increase, not decrease, in the years ahead!

  3. Ruth Yanos

    Technology has been a blessing and a curse as it has expanded into the classroom. I’ve embraced on-line testing and being able to communicate with students. It has made my life easier (21 years in the classroom). The drawback is sometimes the academic honesty and integrity of students. However, I no longer have to worry about my dog/child (yes) ate my homework as all work is submitted electronically and time stamped.

  4. Amazing! did not know this, thanks for sharing.

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