Good Morning, Dave…

The technology known as Siri in the iPhone4s is a quantum leap forward in the field of voice recognition.  Potentially, it could conquer one of my main gripes about the iPad… the keyboard!  Maybe this is one area where I truly am a technology traditionalist, but I can’t bring myself to type on a virtual keyboard.  My fingers just seem to crave the feeling of actual keys beneath them!

As a sophomore in high school, I was required to take a typing course.  Of course, this was in the dinosaur age of the 20th Century, and today’s students hunt and peck for keys with all the precision of a trained monkey.

What will Siri do to how we deliver information to the machines?  And an even more looming question – if we make keyboard obsolete… will Siri change how we write??

As an educator and a lover of all things literary, that last question more than any other is on my mind.  Does Siri truly mark the end of the Gutenburg Galaxy??  Where is Marshall McLuhan when we need him?

In the Future, We Will All Talk to Computers – Techland –



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