The best of times; the blurst of times…

I’m confident that the technology is far from perfected, but Google had better watch it’s back! Skynet, I mean, Siri, definitely represents a quantum leap forward in voice recognition technology (VRT).

Why Siri Is a Google Killer

Siri is a new interface for customers wanting to get information. It used to be text-based input to their desktops. Then, it was thumbing it in to their mobile devices. Now, Apple is attempting to make it voice-based. They previously were attempting to Balkanize your data needs by training for you to do specialist searches for the information within apps on your iPhone. Now, they’re training you to rely for doing any task by leaning on Siri to do it for you. At the moment, most of us still rely on Google for getting at the info we want. But Siri has a foot in the door and it’s trusting that it will win your confidence over time to do basic info gathering. Siri can be potentially leveraged in other devices that Apple ships in the future like TV to become the primary way you interface with info you need.

Of course, what I’m most interested in are the educational angles on this story. For a society that has already swapped out traditional typing skills for texting with our thumbs, could VRT be what kills the keyboard once and for all?

My inner tech geek would love to indulge in the fanboy vision of commanding the machine to do my bidding, but the English teacher in me gently weeps for what will become of writing if we reduce the process to mere dictation!

I wonder, would 1,000 monkeys with 1,000 Siri-fueled iPads still come up with Shakespeare?


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