Cupertino Program

“The will is what man has as his unique possession.” – St. Joseph of Cupertino

St. Joseph of Cupertino (1603-1663) was an Italian saint of the Conventual Franciscans. It is said that he often struggled as a student, and it was only through prayer, the determination of will, and hard work that he managed to become a successful friar. He is well-known as the patron of test takers.

The Cupertino Program at Archbishop Curley High School provides a college-preparatory academic course of study for students who perform at or near grade-level ability.  I was the coordinator of the program until June 2012, and in that time I worked to rethink, retool, and reinvigorate the college-prep curriculum at Curley to provide the skills and knowledge our students will need to be successful in the 21st Century.  The documents below are the fruits of that effort.

Graduate Profile

Areas of Mastery

Core Competencies – Coming Soon!