What people are saying about John D’Adamo…

Mr. D’Adamo has certainly impressed us with his organizational knowledge, with his understanding of the process, and his commitment to school improvement.

~ Dr. David Stofa, Principal/CEO at Archbishop Carroll High School, Washington DC

John D’Adamo is a great educator! He was chair of our Middle States team and I’m lucky to have him in my Professional Learning Network!

~ William Brannick, Principal at Msgr. Bonner & Abp. Prendergast Catholic High School, Philadelphia, PA

I knew that the material, lessons, and values I was learning from him would stick with me throughout my career… There is no chance I would be near the writer and person that I am today if it was not for the instruction and guidance that I received throughout my teenage years from John D’Adamo.

~ Peter DiLutis, Contributing Sports Writer at WNST.net

In all areas of his work, John possesses a good rapport with the students, colleagues, and parents. He has been blessed with a unique gift of being about to teach students in our adaptive learning program as well as students in our honors program. He has a great capacity to look at a student and meet that student at his individual learning needs, as well as a student’s social and emotional needs.

~ Kathleen Maskell, Anthony Program Coordinator at Archbishop Curley High School, Baltimore, MD

I was impressed with John’s energy and drive as well as his conscientious attention to the mission of the school. I witnessed him weave that mission into all of his work. I experienced him as a thoughtful and committed person of integrity. I enjoyed working with him. He would be a benefit to any organization.

~ Christopher McCullough, Pastoral Associate at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, Baltimore, MD

John is passionate about his ministry as a teacher. He challenges his students to work to their full potential while creating a comfortable environment in his classroom.

~ Barry Brownlee, Principal at Archbishop Curley High School (Retired)

John was an exceptional student; as an Honors student his work was head and shoulders above run of the mill student productions. He has maintained a serious focus on educating the whole student, and I recommend him without hesitation.

~ Kurt Blaugher, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Theatre at Mount St. Mary’s University

It is his passion that never fails to inspire me. His love for what he does is infectious; he throws himself completely into everything, and I learn so much when I follow his example.

~ Benjamin Turcea, honors student at Scranton University

As a teacher he has expanded my knowledge beyond my expectations. Not only has he guided me through the English curriculum, but also went beyond the classroom to show me how to think for myself and interpret the world.

~ Taylor Bechtel, student at Stevenson University

As a teacher [he] was known as “the one who challenged.” He challenged the academic norm. He challenged different styles and methods of teaching. He challenged his students to never settle for mediocrity. He challenged himself to never fall into routine teaching habits. He sought to always present new and innovative ideas and information in the classroom, that not only inspired students to take the initiative to learn more within the classroom, but also during their outside lives. However, most importantly [he] challenged me to envision my goals and make them a reality – and I did.

~ Kyle Ashe, Marketing Associate at AllState Insurance Co.